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Dental Technology

Dental Technology | York Lanes Dental | York University, Toronto

At York Lanes Dental Office in Toronto, we use a variety of dental technologies to help make your dental appointments more efficient. 

What is Dental Technology?

Dental technology refers to a variety of current techniques and procedures used in dental care. The dental technologies at our dental office help make your appointments more convenient and comfortable. 

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Dental Technology | York Lanes Dental | York University, Toronto


Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) is a computer-aided system for taking impressions quickly to generate a custom-fitted dental restoration, like a dental crown, in one visit.

With CEREC, there is no need for your dentist to place temporary crowns, and there are no messy impressions taken in your mouth. Your dentist is able to build, create and place ceramic restorations while you're sitting in the dental chair. 

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays use digital sensors instead of the traditional photographic x-ray film. They produce extremely detailed computer images of the teeth, gums and other oral structures.

Panoramic Digital X-Rays

Panoramic digital x-rays create a single, flat representation of the mouth. They allow your dentist to capture the jaw's curved structure including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, temporomandibular (TMJ) joints, and the nasal and sinus areas.

Digital Dental Impressions

We use optical scanning devices to create computer-generated replicas of the hard and soft tissues of your mouth. These devices capture extremely accurate data and create digital impressions in minutes, without the need for traditional impression materials.

Dental Lasers

Dental lasers are often used in dentistry in a variety of dental procedures. They emit a single wavelength of light energy to cut hard and soft tissues, vaporize decayed tissue and harden restorations quickly.

Dental lasers allow our dentists to perform procedures with less pain and fewer medical interventions. Lasers can also be helpful for anxious patients because they allow patients to be more comfortable during and after treatment.

At York Lanes Dental Office we offer fast, painless laser therapy procedures to:

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