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Dr. Nardine Alexander, a dentist at York Lanes Dental Office in Toronto, offers non-surgical treatment for children with misaligned teeth and breathing issues using the HealthyStart System. 

What is HealthyStart?

This series of soft, removable oral appliances is designed to straighten misaligned teeth, promote proper jaw development, and address airway issues that cause sleep-disordered breathing in children.

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Straightening Teeth & Improving Sleep

For many children, an obstructed airway or underdeveloped jaw can cause breathing issues and misaligned teeth. 

These problems can affect your child's sleep and quality of life. With HealthyStart, we can correct these issues early. By gently guiding the alignment of their teeth and jaw and expanding the airway, we can help your child breathe properly - and get the rest they need.

How HealthyStart Works

This series of three appliances can help correct oral habits, bring the upper and lower jaws forward, create space for permanent teeth, and resolve airway issues in toddlers, kids, and teens. 

They may be worn for a few hours per day or at night while your child sleeps. 

Children's Services | North York Dentist | York Lanes Dental

Why Choose HealthyStart?

HealthyStart offers an alternative to orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners. This treatment can help:

  • Resolve mouth breathing, which can cause tissues of the tonsils to become swollen and enlarged
  • Promote natural development and growth of the jaw
  • Prevent crowding of teeth 
  • Treat secondary symptoms of airway problems such as depression and sleep apnea

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Meet Dr. Nardine Alexander

Dr. Nardine Alexander at York Lanes Dental Office has completed the HealthyStart program.

She can assess your child's specific symptoms and needs to determine whether treatment with the HealthyStart system is right for them.

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