Laser Therapy

Laser Periodontal Therapy (LPTTM)

LPTTM is a patented new non-surgical laser alternative to gum surgery, is a less painful, less traumatic way to treat periodontal disease at any stage.

Laser Treatment for a Cold Sore

A fast, painless procedure. It can be performed by one of our dentists or hygienists to any cold sore lesion on the lips. Laser treatment is most effective if the cold sore is treated at the first sign of outbreak.

Laser Treatment for Canker Sores

A canker sore is typically one that occurs on the delicate tissues inside your mouth. It is usually light-colored at its base and can have a red exterior border.

We now have the ability to significantly reduce the discomfort associated with canker sores with the use of a diode laser. Without the need for any anesthesia and just a few minutes of your time, we can apply the light of a laser to your canker sore and you can enjoy immediate relief from the nagging discomfort of the canker sore.

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What is a Comprehensive Oral Exam?

A COE is like a physical for your head and neck. It is a thorough evaluation and documentation of your teeth, gums, jaw bones, lymph nodes, and jaw joints. It is the foundation of the routine check-up. Your course of treatment is determined as a result of this exam.

What is a Recare Exam?

A recare is exam is the check-up which determines any changes since the previous COE.

Why do I need to have x-rays?

Digital x-rays show areas not visible to the eye.

How often do I need to have a COE?

A COE is recommended every 3-5 years depending on your history. Your dentist will determine what is right for you.

Can I just have a cleaning without a exam?

Yes, it is possible to have your teeth cleaned without having a check-up, but it is recommended that you see the dentist for a check-up every 6-9 months to catch problems early.